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“Charles Wilcox is an artist, designer but above all an Australian adventurer. Before devoting himself to art, Wilcox operated survival courses and outdoor expeditions. The beauty of these pristine and remote places stimulated in him the curiosity towards the richness of shapes and colours that are given off by the wrecks of nature, leading him to collect natural materials and then assemble them
in three dimensional compositions. Artistic sensitivity, adventurous spirit and craftsmanship give life to art works that are imbued with energy of natural elements and translate his passion for the sea into an unusual visual and emotional union. Wilcox’s creativity does not end with the evocative assemblages but is regenerated in collages from vintage aesthetics where the new combination of images and colour once again betray the reference to the marine theme. A skilled hunter of images as well as objects, Wilcox restores the original bond between man and nature, capturing the beauty that escapes at first glance and reveals its expressive potential.”

Virginia Bazzechi Ganucci Cancellieri - Art Critic, Florence Italy



Charles Wilcox has had a love affair with the ocean since his first steps into the waves. His artwork reflects his passion for water, sand and sun, and his works pay homage to the unpredictable nature of the sea.


His father - a pilot, engineer and adventurer – fed Charles’ curiosity and fearlessness when it came to the great outdoors.

“In the late 80s, Dad would take us on trips in his Cessna 185 flying over the desert and coast of Australia and landing in remote locations with no roads where we’d fossick for everything from fossils, ancient spear heads to bits of otsam and jetsam from the coast. I feel pretty lucky that such an enjoyable pastime has now become a work routine!”

Charles began his career as an artist quite by accident, whilst running survival courses and outdoor expeditions in North East Victoria. Using reclaimed iron from old miners’ huts and some weathered hardwoods from inland lakes
Charles created his first Driftwood Fish. A friend saw the creation and paid him for it on-the-spot, and before long Charles’ Driftwood Fish made Wilcox a household name across the Mornington Peninsula, swimming their way into the homes of art collectors from Hong Kong to London. 

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